Monday, 11 February 2013

Elsa Schiaparelli

Today I learnt about a magnificent woman, an asset to the evolution of fashion, a risk taker, a trend setter , a rule breaker belonging to the "1930's". None other than Elsa Schiaparelli. Why had I not heard of her before? She was revolutionary, she worked with artists such as Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp. She designed sweaters that featured knitted men's ties and handkerchiefs peaking out of pockets. " Schiaparelli's major contribution to fashion lay in her ability to override a trend and to create a unique masterpiece with a timeless appeal ". This was the inspiration I had been looking for, the burst of individuality I felt was slowing slipping between my fingers. I mean in the nineteen thirties she had already jumped, broken and smashed the so called 'box' of society in that era and created a skeleton X-ray sweater while most women were wearing minimalistic subtle tones. This was magnificent, she truly was a muse.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

"Untamed Expression"

Week two commences tomorrow & so does a whole week of outfits, this week I am inspired by what I like to term "untamed expression". Keeping everyday a tad fresh with a neutral yet loud colour pallet (yes I know that is an oxymoron yet that is the aim of this week) . To try expressing myself in ways that might seem unheard of. Let the creating begin(:

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dinner Party, nom nommy!

I felt a sense of African versus floral, but most of all I loved the vintage jewellery. Vintage watch, pearl and locket added a sense of nostalgia to the outfit as a whole.

What box?

Tonight I am going out for dinner & I sit here pondering, staring aimlessly at this rather crowded room (I need to sort out a system or a cleaning routine) but never the less my closet is the most prominent asset. Thoughts roll around my mind, should I wear something extravagant or merely something that the rest of society expects me to wear. I often find myself at this similar thought more often than I would like, its like this constant wonder if maybe, just maybe, I dress a little too "out of the box". I love how I dress, I love that I feel real in the clothes that I choose, it just is rather difficult continually having to eat mounds of confidence before I step outside the door. To be honest, I would much rather feel nervous stepping out the door than safe, I suppose safe gets one no where. Maybe some citizens cannot grasp a sense of being able to climb outside the box, for a while now society has been made to think that there is actually even a box there. So I look left, right, up and down... nope I simply cannot see any boundary lines. I am allowed to be different and I am allowed to feel proud about it. I'll post a pic soon xx

Friday, 8 February 2013

Because its only in black&white that we trully see


Ellie Goulding - Figure 8

I love those moments of bursting inspiration, I believe one should bottle those moments & cherish the mere inhalation of originality. It is quite rare & I can only hope that these moments shall continue to brush past me ever so often along my journey.

Saying "hello" making conversation.

Me and my new fashion friend Charles, hilarious fellow.

First day.

Finally, I had been given the opportunity where by I would be criticized by the one aspect I knew I could critic. Fashion. I had, for the first time, been given assignments on designers. Can you believe it? Homework that I would happily complete seeing as it truly wasn't homework at all. This was wonderful and as I sat in a class surrounded by many talented and original species, species of my kind, I actually felt as though I could do this... I could really become everything I had ever wanted. it simply began on a Monday morning, the 4th of February 2013. My first day as a fashion student.