Saturday, 9 February 2013

What box?

Tonight I am going out for dinner & I sit here pondering, staring aimlessly at this rather crowded room (I need to sort out a system or a cleaning routine) but never the less my closet is the most prominent asset. Thoughts roll around my mind, should I wear something extravagant or merely something that the rest of society expects me to wear. I often find myself at this similar thought more often than I would like, its like this constant wonder if maybe, just maybe, I dress a little too "out of the box". I love how I dress, I love that I feel real in the clothes that I choose, it just is rather difficult continually having to eat mounds of confidence before I step outside the door. To be honest, I would much rather feel nervous stepping out the door than safe, I suppose safe gets one no where. Maybe some citizens cannot grasp a sense of being able to climb outside the box, for a while now society has been made to think that there is actually even a box there. So I look left, right, up and down... nope I simply cannot see any boundary lines. I am allowed to be different and I am allowed to feel proud about it. I'll post a pic soon xx

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